Matter has a growing collection of specialist equipment available to hire.


A variety of bespoke fire rigs, flame bars, jets and torches. Systems can be custom built to job specification.


Coals and Logs

Artificial non-flammable coals and logs.

Flame Bars

A variety of gas fueled flame bars of differing shapes and lengths are available.

Flame Jets

Gas fueled flame jets produce a controlled burst of fire.

Gas Slinky

Quick control, pliable and versatile. Gas slinkys come in various lengths.

Gas Lance

An extended gas torch used to make various fire effects.


Hand held gas fuelled flame thrower for controlled directional bursts of fire.


A selection of rigs, containers, hoses and fittings geared to creating atmospheric water effects.



A wide variety of electric pumps suited to moving different volumes, viscosities and depths of liquid.

Rain Bar / Rain Lance

The lance creates a light to medium coverage of rain with a variety of rain heads available for different effects. Can be supported in a stand set-up or hand-held.
The rain bar creates a sheet of rain drops along its plane.

Rain Heads and Spinners

Different shaped rain heads and hose attachments are used to produce different effects. Rain spinners specialise in creating large volumes of rain through a spinning motion.

Rain Rig

Square rain bar framework. Multiple rigs can be arranged in various configurations to create different effects and volumes of rainfall.

Glass and Perspex Tanks

These clear tanks are ideal for capturing fluid dynamic effects.

Water Bowsers and Storage

A variety of storage containers used for any number of liquid related tasks.

Water Curtain

This rig creates a 1.5 meter wide sheet of falling water.

Pool Heater

Self contained unit features a water pump, filtration system and two 9KW heaters. Capable of heating bodies of water up to 40 degrees.

Portable Shower Unit

A compact mobile shower unit perfect for when you need to fit a hot shower into a studio set build.


A varied selection of mechanical and electrical equipment designed to achieve different effects.


Small Black Turntable – Mk2

6″ – 12″ Turntable with plug in variable speed and direction control module. Speed varies from to 0.75 rpm to 9 rpm. Can be supplied with interchangeable disks of varying sizes and a chuck clamp, useful for rotating rod mounted objects.

Small Silver Turntable – Mk1

6″ – 12″ Turntable with integrated variable speed and direction control. Speed varies from to 0.75 rpm to 4.5 rpm. Supplied with interchangeable turntable disks of varying sizes and features a chuck clamp configuration, useful for rotating rod mounted objects.

2Ft Turntable

2ft Heavy duty turntable perfectly suited to carrying 1 person. Integrated with variable speed control.

4ft Turntable

4ft Heavy duty turntable can carry objects and multiple people. Supplied with variable speed control. Speed range of 1/8 rpm to 16 rpm.

Transparent Platform

A 3 meter by 2 meter clear platform sat upon robust steel frame. This kit allows you to shoot from seemingly impossible angles.


Machines for different environmental effects such as fog, mist and snow.


Gravitron Smoke Gun – Water Based

Handheld smoke gun with backpack mounted reservoir produces persistent non-toxic smoke for an especially long duration. Water based smoke fluid offers a more suitable alternative to oil based fluids in enclosed spaces.

Artem “Medium” High Output Exterior Smoke Machine

High volume smoke output. 5 Litre capacity reservoir for smoke fluid.

Viper NT with DMX control

The Viper is a lightweight versatile 1300 Watt smoke machine. Ready for use in 7 minutes it uses 120ml fluid per min at maximum output. This machine will produce a 15m jet of smoke for up to 40 sec at maximum output.

Jem Glaciator Low Fogger

Designed for a low fog effect. Available with technician only or with prior experience of use.

Intec Force 1: Snow and Frost Applicator

Unit rapidly distributes artificial scenic effects. Capable of creating realistic blankets of snow and frosty finishes over a vast area. Available with technician only or with prior experience of use.

Snow Machine – Foam

Fluid fed, artificial snow effects machine, capable of creating realistic snow flakes.


High pressure steamer boils water and creates steam effects.


A selection of different sized air blowers and compressors to produce constant or short burst air movements.


Snail Fan

This versatile low profile fan features variable 3 speed control.

Grain Blower

Radial fan housed in robust aluminium shell. Compact in size at 800mm high with powerful extraction capacity of 3,000 m3/h.
Ideal for localised wind and propulsion of fine material such as dust and confetti.

43″ High Volume Drum Fan

High volume industrial two-speed drum fan suitable for movement of huge volumes of air.

24″ Drum Fan

24″ fully enclosed 3 blade impellor with variable 3 speed control.

5FT Petrol Wind Machine

5 Ft Petrol Wind Machine. Mounted onto low profile steel base. Detachable drum, spigot and base design for transportation. Available with technician only.
Drum Dimensions – 1550mm diameter.
Base Dimensions – 1350mm x 1365mm x 370mm.

Small Confetti Cannon

Fires confetti through means of compressed air. Available with technician only.

Compressed Air Cannon

Compressed air cannon triggered by a firing box. Available with technician only.

Large Compressed Air Cannon

Large capacity compressed air cannon triggered by a firing box. Available with technician only.

Leaf Blowers

Back-pack and hand-held leaf blowers.

Makita Blower

Compact battery powered hand-held blower.


These can be used for pneumatic device activation as well as producing short bursts of air effects. Specialised fittings such as air blades are also available.

Bubble Machine

Equipped with a total of 4 output fans to produce a large amount of bubbles and disperse them over a large area quickly.