Matter is a London based special effects and model making workshop.

Concept, design & digital

We offer a complete digital design service, fit to surpass the needs of a project from the earliest stages of concept development through to the final passes of refinement.
We provide a full digital design service, whether it is refining and rendering a client’s ideas, or creating concepts from scratch. On sign off, the data can be used by our 3-axis CNC Router or utilized by our 3D printers.

Sculpture and moulding

The sculpture department encompasses a number of disciplines to create items that are then passed on for finishing. Whether its a colossal poly carve, a hand sculpted clay miniature or resin cast from a silicon mould, we thrive on utilizing any number of materials. As well as traditional methods, we also use more specialised equipment and are constantly experimenting with new materials.

Model Making

Model making is at the core of what is offered to our clients and this term encapsulates a discipline of work that requires a balance of precision, attention to detail and creative flair. So the wealth of expertise held by our team, allows us to provide models of the highest calibre, with consideration to scale, finished art working and delivery to the appropriate level.

Physical Effects

Matter has provided physical effects for many well known films and adverts over the years. Water, fire, wind or any ‘in camera’ effect needed, we develop and test all these for client approval before a shoot and utilize our high speed camera to record these results for analysis. We also have a large range of equipment for hire such as fans, smoke machines, water rigs and turntables.


Technology is ever changing and our department keeps up-to-date with the latest in electronics engineering. Whether we are programming robotics, building custom processor boards or developing computer controlled LED lighting systems, we can provide anything a client needs.


We have a generously equipped engineering hub based in London, made up of multiple specialist workshops and machinery. Our team members are experts with a wide range of specialities, ready to tackle any challenges by producing large scale rigs or elegant one-off pieces.

Soft tech fabrications

Pattern cutting, tailoring, sewing, knitting, embroidery; the umbrella of costume, encompasses a variety of disciplines. This department is responsible for puppets and costumes, furring and flocking and any other ‘soft-tec’ fabrication. Equipped with the machines and given the space to create, this department is a vital part of Matters’ arsenal to provide a complete service.